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Play Traditional Instruments

Play Traditional Instruments

Tap or shake a selection of instruments from diverse native cultures like the Native American water drum and the Peruvian Shipibo rattle.

Play Traditional Instruments

Mix Background Beats

Activate the “play with me” function to play a drum or rattle beat in the background, at any speed you want.

Play Traditional Instruments

Record and Share

Save songs to your library and share them with friends on Facebook and Soundcloud to unlock more cool features.

Supporting Community

We brought iCaro app into this world as an offering and we share it with the utmost respect to all Native cultures and traditions. We wholeheartedly believe in giving back to them. That’s why 10% or more of the contributions to iCaro app will be donated to support various Native communities around the world.

Connecting Families

Technology is putting new things at our fingertips. It is also extending possibilities beyond our fingertips. We get excited imagining the potential of iCaro app to connect families across the globe in new ways. If you’re still reading, we bet you’re as excited as we are! Enjoy this inspiring short video and imagine The Power of Possibility.

Honoring Traditions

Still, there are some things that just can’t be replaced. iCaro is not in any way intended as an alternative to the use of Sacred Native instruments. iCaro app is for humans, who choose to keep and honor the Native ways, to share their heart medicine. Find your medicine and use it. Burst through the prism. Bless the world.